Unruly Places

Whether you are an urban explorer or an armchair traveller, Off the Map (published in the USA as Unruly Places) and Beyond the Map will inspire and enchant. You’ll never look at a map in quite the same way again

‘A fizzingly entertaining and enlightening book’ Daily Telegraph
‘Mesmerising’ Geographical Magazine
‘A fascinating delve into uncharted, forgotten lost places. But it’s not just a trivia-tastic anthology of remote destinations but a nifty piece of psycho-geography, explaining our human need for these cartographical  conundrums.’ Wanderlust

In a world of Google Earth, in which it is easy to believe that every discovery has been made and every adventure already had, Off the Map is a stunning testament to how mysterious our planet still is. From forgotten enclaves to floating islands, from hidden villages to New York gutter spaces, Off the Map charts the hidden corners of our planet.

And while these are not necessarily places you would choose to visit on holiday – Hobyo, the pirate capital of Somalia, or Zheleznogorsk, a secret military town in Russia – they each carry a story about the strangeness of place and our need for a geography that understands our hunger for the fantastic and the unexpected. But it also shows us that topophilia, the love of place, is a fundamental part of what it is to be human.

Geography is getting stranger. Out there, fleets of new islands are under construction and micro-nations are struggling into the light. As new borders and boundaries ebb and flow with increasing speed, it feels as if our old maps are being discarded, redrawn or torn up. 

Alastair Bonnett uncovers the stories of thirty-nine extraordinary places, each of which challenges us to re-imagine the world around us. From emerging islands, disruptive enclaves and bold utopian visions to uncanny ruins, ghostly tunnels and hidden landscapes – these are destinations that lie beyond ordinary coordinates.

An engrossing look at geographical eccentricities that will be revealing for even seasoned armchair travellers.E&T

Bonnett has a flair for communicating his passion for ‘the glee and the drama, the love and the loathing’ that emanate from the earth’s most perplexing and mutable places … [His] provocative detours show us how much more we can know of the known world, if we know where to look, and how’ New York Times

Winner: ITB BuchAwards (Special travel book) 2016 (Germany). Finalist: Audie Award for Nonfiction (2015)

See Translations page for non-English language editions. Published in the USA as:

also available as an unabridged Audiobook, Tantor Audio, read by Derek Perkins, https://www.audiobooks.co.uk/audiobook/unruly-places-lost-spaces-secret-cities-and-other-inscrutable-geographies/220952

see also An Uncommon Atlas (also published as New Views)

From charting energy networks to revealing new and emerging lands, measuring human migration to assessing the planet’s ant populations – and including the phenomena we have little control over such as lightning strikes or asteroid impact – each map asks you to question, wonder and look again at our rapidly changing and often surprising world. 
Divided into three thematic sections: Land, Air and Sea; Human and Animal, and Globalisation, An Uncommon Atlas offers a fresh and truly global portrait of our intricately fascinating planet

2020-23 Press coverage: Articles and interviews that are based on Off the Map or Beyond the Map

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links to talks on micronations in Moscow and and St Petersburg

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Older Press Coverage

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