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The West is on everyone’s lips: it is defended, celebrated, hated. But how and why did it emerge? And whose idea is it? This book is about representations of the West. Drawing on sources from across the world – from Russia to Japan, Iran to Britain – it argues that the West is not merely a Western idea but something that many people around the world have long been creating and stereotyping. The Idea of the West looks at how the great political and ethnic forces of the last century defined themselves in relation to the West. It shows how Soviet communism, ‘Asian spirituality’, ‘Asian values’ and radical Islamism used and deployed images of the West. Both topical and wide-ranging, it offers an accessible but provocative portrait of a fascinating subject. It also charts the complex relationship between whiteness and the West.

  1. Introduction Alastair Bonnett Pages 1-13
  2. From White to Western: ‘Racial Decline’ and the Rise of the Idea of the West in Britain, 1890–1930 Alastair Bonnett Pages 14-39
  3. Communists Like Us: The Idea of the West in the Soviet Union Alastair Bonnett Pages 40-62
  4. Good-bye Asia: The Westernisers’ West, Fukuzawa and Gökalp Alastair Bonnett Pages 63-78
  5. Soulless Occident/Spiritual Asia: Tagore’s West Alastair Bonnett Pages 79-106
  6. From Soulless to Slacker: The Idea of the West from Pan-Asianism to Asian Values Alastair Bonnett Pages 107-122
  7. Occidental Utopia: The Neo-Liberal West Alastair Bonnett Pages 123-142
  8. Western Dystopia: Radical Islamism and Anti-Westernism Alastair Bonnett Pages 143-162
  9. Conclusion Alastair Bonnett Pages 163-166

see my talk ‘The Dilemmas of the West’, at The West: Conference, Narrative, and Politics, University of Jyväskylä, December 8th 2016, https://moniviestin.jyu.fi/ohjelmat/hum/hela/the-west-concept-narrative-and-politics/alastair-bonnett

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