New Islands

published in USA and Canada as Elsewhere (University of Chicago Press)

‘Extraordinary… A fascinating and intelligent book.’ Sunday Times

New islands are being built at an unprecedented rate whether for tourism or territorial ambition, while many islands are disappearing because of rising sea levels or
fragmenting due to shrinking ice. It is a strange planetary spectacle, an everchanging map which even Google Earth struggles to keep pace with. In The Age of Islands, explorer and geographer Alastair Bonnett takes the reader on a compelling and thought provoking tour of the world’s newest, most fragile and beautiful islands and reveals what, he argues, is one of the great dramas of our time. From a ‘crannog’, an ancient artificial island in a Scottish loch, to the militarized artificial islands China is building in the South China Sea; to the disappearing islands that remain the home of native Central Americans to the ritzy new islands of Dubai; to Hong Kong and the Isles of Scilly; to islands far away and near; all have urgent stories to tell.

Available in English, German, Chinese, Dutch, and Spanish

One of the “15 libros de viajes recomendados para este verano 2022”, El Periodico, 8 August, 2022,

Published in USA and Canada as Elsewhere: A Journey into our Age of Islands . Beck, Germany; Face, Taiwan; Fontaine, Netherlands; Blackie Books, Spain, with Spanish Preface.

University of Chicago Press #AuthorAtHome video introduction:

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Alastair Bonnett (Author), Damian Lynch (Narrator), Weidenfeld & Nicolson (Publisher)

With maps and photos by the author

“The Age of the Island is an essential guide to islands in a state of flux, be they emerging or disappearing. … This highly accessible volume allows the reader to accompany Alastair Bonnett on his seemingly inexhaustible global journey to set foot on new and disappearing islands on (almost) every continent.” Island Studies Journal,

Hunga Tonga – new island in South Pacific
The World islands, Dubai
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Cornelius Lely (creator of modern polder building) sculpture, Flevopolder
Phoenix Island, China

‘In The Age of Islands, Alastair Bonnett combines a deep knowledge of history and contemporary geopolitics with a seasoned travel writer’s eye for the telling detail, as he gives us
a tour of our terrifying but often beautiful new world.’

‘Alastair Bonnett’s reporting of islands new and ancient: from trash islands to military islands to brand-new, environment trashing ‘ultra-star’ islands to approaching-extinction islands is a well-researched and open-handed cautionary tale for our times.’

‘An ambitious journey by wing, sail, rubber and road to find
the lost, emerging, off-limits and artificial islands of our fast changing world. Once again, Bonnett respectfully drags geography back to its roots.’


Traducción: Pablo Álvarez Ellacuria

Blackie Books

“Tras el gran éxito de ‘Fuera del mapa’ y ‘Lugares sin mapa’, el divulgador y geógrafo Alastair Bonnett vuelve a iluminarnos con sus geografías sin cartografiar” Diario de Jerez

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[CORRECTION: the article above – reproduced in English on other sites – says I visited Hunga Tonga. I certainly tried but bad weather forced me to turn back].

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One of 6 best science books of 2021 according to New Scientist (Netherlands)

“islands on earth: constructed (such as the Flevopolder), ‘accidental’ creation (such as the volcanic Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai of Tonga), disappearing (such as the British Isles of Scilly) and future (such as East Lantau Metropolis near Hong Kong). He does this in such an infectious way that you almost have the feeling that you are accompanying him on all his trips. Highly recommended if you want to dream away scientifically to faraway places during the Christmas holidays.”

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How to Build an Island
All you need is a dream, investors with deep pockets, and concrete. A lot of concrete
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