Forthcoming Books

What is Geography? Revised and Expanded Second Edition (Lanham, Rowman and Littlefield), 2023

Geographers are everywhere. Mapping and location apps have created a generation of geo-geeks and environmental and international questions make up the media surround sound of our daily lives. My answer to the question ‘What is geography?’ is straightforward: geography is the world discipline. It is not just another slot in the curriculum but one of humanity’s big projects, reflecting our need for knowledge of people and places both near and far. These agendas were pressing when I wrote the first edition. Now they depict an emergency.

In this updated and expanded edition of What is Geography? environmental questions, environmental crisis, and the fast pace of global change, loom large. Our shared experience of living through a pandemic has confronted us with our shared vulnerability but also our interdependency. The fact that none of us are safe until we are all safe is a mantra of health care professionals promoting global vaccine roll-out but it has wider implications. It points towards another theme that has been developed in this revised edition, social justice. Inequality is geographically expressed and organized: it shapes where you live, where you feel safe as well as which communities and which nations are poor and which are not.

How to Be Original: Transform Your Assignments and Get Better Grades (London, Sage), 2023

Originality is the key. It opens doors: to making a difference; to excellent marks, to success. Yet it is not taught or even explained. Originality is one of the last redoubts of mysticism: it is imagined to be innate, ineffable, the gift of the Gods. It isn’t. With a little guidance anyone can be original

How to Argue: A Students Guide: Fourth Edition (London, Sage), 2023

Updated new edition of key student text.

How to Argue will banish fears and confusion felt by students demonstrating their ability to argue. Packed with tried and tested advice, this book will guide them through the techniques of forming an academic argument, from contradictions and tensions, to empirical adequacy, structure and presentation.