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New Books

Bonnett, A. (2020. Paperback 2021) The Age of Islands: In Search of New and Disappearing Islands (Atlantic, UK; Beck, Germany; Face, Taiwan; Fontaine, Netherlands; Blackie Books, Spain, expanded edition). Also published as Elsewhere: A Journey into Our Age of Islands (2020, University of Chicago Press). Audio book: Orion Audiobooks, read by Damian Lynch, 2021

Bonnett, A. (2022) Multiracism: Rethinking Racism in Global Context (Polity, Cambridge)

PRESS COVERAGE (2020-2021)

Recent Articles

Bonnett, A. ’Garbage Island: One day, may we live on an island of plastic waste?’’, [我們可能住在塑膠廢棄物的島嶼上嗎?] CommonWealth Magazine, 13 September, 2021,

Bonnett, A. ‘How to Build an Island’, Atlas Obscura, 17 August 2021,

Bonnett, A. ‘”Island Times”: Phoenix Island is Known as “Oriental Dubai”, attracting many rich Chinese’, The News Lens, [Taiwan], 5th August 2021,

Bonnett, A. ‘Best Books about Islands’, Discover the Best Books, July 2021,

Bonnett, A. ‘The Age of Islands’, Natural History Magazine, February, 2021, pp.28-31

Bonnett, A. ‘Desert islands’, High Life, December, 2020,

‘Alastair Bonnett on the Age of Islands’, 30th April 2020, Waterstones Blog,

Bonnett, A. ‘The World’s Most Unruly Places: Sealand’, GoNomad, 25th January 2020,

Interviews and Features (2020-2021)

‘White Mischief: Dream for a moment’, 18 October, 2021, BBC Radio 4,

Interview: ‘Nightlife: featuring islands and why we like to build them’ , 17 September, 2021, ABC Radio, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

’From Lantau Tomorrow to Dubai’ [從明日大嶼到杜拜:陸沉時代的造島世紀], 4 October 2021, CUP,

‘Überall und grenzenlos’ WDR 3 Radio 18 September 2021,

Interview, Arte TV, ‘Sehnsucht, Freiheit, Isolation’, Twist, 25 June 2021,

Interview, Arte TV, ‘Sehnsucht, Freiheit, Isolation’, Twist, 25 June 2021,

Kontext,, 6 August 2021,

‘Da città dei servizi a città dormitorio: il sogno tradito di Giarre e la Sicilia che non cambia’, Sicilian Post, 31 July 2021,

Dominic Bliss, ‘New islands can be natural or artificial. Both can be problematic’, National Geographic [online], 14 July 2021,

‘De magie van eilanden’, Leesvoer, Robert Visscher and Martine Zeijlstra, June 7 2021, [podcast],

‘Creadoras de ‘Fóra de mapa’: “Sabemos de escoceses ou galeses, mais pouco de arromaneses ou rutenos”, 24 April 2021, Nós Diario

‘Die Möglichkeit einer Insel’, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 20 April 2021 ,

‘Land in Sicht’, Sonntagszeitung, 18 April 2021,

‘Mehr Land’, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 1 April, 2021,!amp?reduced=true

‘Kuidas See Uus Raamat Kaardistab Maailma Andmetega’,, [Estonia], April 2021,

‘Les últimes fronteres’, Lletraferit, Valencia Plaza 28 March 2021,

‘Ein planetarisches Spektakel’, Der Speigel, 18 March 2021,

  ‘Deppendorf, Einsamkeit, Pups: Kuriose Ortsnamen, die schmunzeln lassen’, Badische Zeitung, February 20, 2021,–200152604.html

‘De magie van eilanden: wegdromen naar verre plekken’, New Scientist, 22 January 2021,

‘Città invisibili e cimiteri viventi: ecco i 48 luoghi ancora inesplorati’, il, 29 November 2020,

‘Smelten ijs Groenland en Antarctica kan leiden tot stijging zeespiegel met 65 meter’, dpg media, 29 November 2020,

 ‘Enge, nieuwe en zielloze eilanden’,, 27 November, 2020,

‘Columnist joins a “micronation”’, The Ledger-Transcript, 20 November 2020,

‘Alla ricerca dell’insolito fra rifiuti, labirinti, deserti’, 16 November, La Stampa,

‘Sealand, el insólito microestado con moneda y bandera propias sobre una plataforma marina: “Al llegar me regalaron un título de lord”’ El Mundo, 16 November 2020,

Passport Podcast: The World Islands in Dubai, 29 September 2020,

‘38 destinos a los que no irás este verano’, 11 August 2020

為什麼大家都想航向小島?專訪《地圖之外》作者Alastair Bonnett拆解島嶼神秘吸引力 [Why does everyone want to head to an island? Interview with “Beyond the Map” author Alastair Bonnett dismantling the island’s mysterious attraction]La Vie [Taiwan] 5 August 2020,

‘Czy na Ziemi jest jeszcze coś do odkrycia? Tak! Wciąż istnieją białe plamy. Na szczęście’ ‘National Geographic Polska’, 2020,

 ‘How a Newcastle author accidentally wrote the perfect lockdown travel book’, The Chronicle, 20 June 2020,

‘Seltsam, seltsamer… – Die seltsamsten Orte der Welt von Alastair Bonnett’, 19 June 2020,,

‘L’importance d’une île’, Books, June 2020,

‘Build your own island getaway! Author explores the globe’s blissful utopias’ The Daily Mail 7 May 2020,

‘Lugares sin mapa’ en la era de Google Maps, una nueva aventura de Alastair Bonnett’, 2 March 2020 Valencia Plaza,,

‘The Capital of Amnesia’, 1st March 2020, Bella Caledonia,

Older Books

Bonnett, A. (1993) Radicalism, Anti-racism and Representation (London, Routledge)

Bonnett, A. (2000) White Identities: Historical and International Perspectives (Harlow, Pearson Education)

Bonnett, A. (2000) Anti-racism (London, Routledge)

Bonnett, A. (2001) How to Argue: A Students’ Guide (Harlow, Pearson Education); (2008) How to Argue: Second Edition. (2011) How to Argue: Third Edition Translations: 2011 Chinese (Taiwan), 2010 Danish, 2011 Swedish, 2014 Spanish, 2018 Chinese (simplified).

Bonnett, A. (2004) The Idea of the West: Culture, Politics and History (London, Palgrave) (Arabic translation, Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies, Beirut, 2017)

Bonnett, A. (2008) What is Geography? (London, Sage) (Greek translation, Ekdoseis Kritiki, 2010) (Farsi translation, Tehran University Press, 2015)

Bonnett, A. Bonnett, A. (2010) Left in the Past: Radicalism and the Politics of Nostalgia (New York, Continuum)

Bonnett, A. (2014) Off the Map: Lost Spaces, Invisible Cities, Forgotten Islands, Feral Places and What They Tell Us About the World (London, Aurum). Also published as Unruly Places: Lost Spaces, Secret Cities, and Other Inscrutable Geographies (Toronto, Penguin Canada/New York, Houghton Mifflin). Unabridged audio book: Tantor Audio, 2014.Translations: Korea: KPI. Japan: East Press. China: Xinhua Publishing House. Poland: PWN. Turkey: Maya Books. Germany: Beck. Taiwan: Face Publishers. Czech Republic: Jota. Netherlands: Terra Lannoo. Spain: Blackie Books (with additional chapter). Galicia: Rinocerote Editora. Italy: Blackie Edizioni (2020). Winner: ITB BuchAwards 2016 (Germany)

Bonnett, A. (2015) The Geography of Nostalgia: Global and Local Perspectives on Modernity and Loss (London, Routledge). Paperback 2017.

Bonnett, A. (2017) New Views (first published by Aurum, UK; also published by Sweden: Lind & Co; France: Robert Laffont; Germany: DuMont Buchverlag; Finland: Minerva; Mexico: Larousse Mega Ediciones: Canada: Editions de l’Homme; Italy: White Star/National Geographic; Japan: Sogensha; Spain: Blume; Netherlands: Fontaine Uitgevers; Taiwan: Cube Press; Czech Republic: Omega Publishing). Also published as An Uncommon Atlas (2019, White Lion Books, UK)

Bonnett, A. (2017) Beyond the Map (first published by Aurum, UK; also published by Beck, Germany; Face Publishers, Taiwan; Blackie Books, Spain; Korea, Jihaksa 
Publishing; USA, University of Chicago Press; Italy: Blackie Edizioni; German audio book, Beck)

Bonnett, A. (forthcoming) What is Geography? Revised and Expanded Edition (Lanham, Rowman and Littlefield)

Edited Books

Bonnett, A. and Armstrong, K. (Eds) (2014) Thomas Spence: The Poor Man’s Revolutionary (London, Breviary Stuff Publications)

Multi-authored Books

Law, A., Bonnett, A., Yang, Y. and Qin. Q.(forthcoming)The Uses of the Past in a Changing Chinese Cityscape: Historic Urban Branding and Cultural Nationalism in Xi’an (Palgrave, London)

Academic Papers and Chapters

Bonnett, A, ‘Social change’ in Introducing Social Geographies, Social Geographies Collective (Eds), Rowman and Littlefield, London, 70-78, 2021

Bonnett, A ‘The dilemmas of radical nostalgia: Acknowledging the power of the past in the politics of the Left’ in Nostalgia Now: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on the Past in the Present, Jacobsen, M. (Ed.) Routledge, Abingdon, 116-128, 2020

Bonnett, A. ‘Multiple racialisations in a multiply modern world’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 41, 7, 1199-1216, 2018 [also published in Hungarian as ‘Többszörös rasszializációk egy többszörösen modern világban’, Kisebbségkutatás, 2-3, 162-166, 2018]

Bonnett A. ‘Nostalgia and Anti-nostalgia in English Radical History: The Case of Thomas Spence (1750-1814)’ Groniek: Historisch Tijdschrift, 214, 45-57, 2017

Bonnett, A. ‘The enchanted path: Magic and modernism in psychogeographical walking’, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 42, 3, 472-484. doi: 10.1111/tran.12177, 2017

Bonnett, A. ‘What is geography?’, in Jones, M.  (Ed.) The Handbook of Secondary Geography (Geographical Association, Sheffield),12-19, 2017.

Bonnett, A. ‘Whiteness’ and ‘Situationists/Situationist Geography’ in The International Encyclopedia of Geography, Richardson, D. et al.(Eds), Wiley, New York,

Shaw, W. and Bonnett, A. ‘Environmental crisis, narcissism and the work of grief’, Cultural Geographies , 23, 4, 565-579, 2016

Bonnett, A. ‘Occidentalismo e modernità pluali’, in Falcioni, D. (Ed.)Genealogie dell’Occidente, Bollati Boringhieri Publisher, Turin, 111-146, 2015

Bonnett, A ‘Walking through memory: critical nostalgia and the city’, in Walking Inside Out: British Psychogeography in the 21st Century, Tina Richardson (Ed.), Roman and Littlefield, London, 75-88, 2015.

Bonnett, A. ‘Az antirasszizmus amerikanizációja? A világhatalmi pozíció és hegemónia kérdése az etnikai egyenlőség politikájában’ (in Hungarian); published with translation: ‘The Americanisation of anti-racism: Global power and hegemony in anti-racism’ Romológia folyóirat, 4-5, Spring/Summer, 36-80, 2014

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Bonnett, A. ‘The transgressive geographies of daily life’, in Martínez, F. and Slabina, K.  (Eds) Playgrounds and Battlefields Tallinn University Press, Tallinn: 271-293, 2014

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Recent Talks

‘A Multi-racist World: The Global Roots and Entanglements of Racial and Ethnic Discrimination’, Research on Racism and Discrimnmination: Where are we and Where are we Heading? Conference organised by Swedish Research Council, Stockholm, 15 October 2020

 ‘Beyond the Map’, Munich Book Fair, Munich, 16th November, 2019.

‘The Future of Geography’, Prince’s Teaching Institute Enrichment Residential at Downing College, Cambridge, 29 June 2019. Released in PTI’s ‘Lectures from Esteemed Speakers’ series:

Postal address: Professor Alastair Bonnett, Geography, Henry Daysh Building, Newcastle University Newcastle, NE17RU, UK

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